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"I was totally lost! I had a couple of ideas but just couldn't get anything to look the way I wanted it to. From the minute Tara came into our home I knew she was going to be able to help me.

We picked colours, furniture and accessories and I didn't have to leave my house. She brought everything with her!

I love my apartment now and my friends just rave about it!"

Christina Mackey


"My house was so outdated, I had no idea where to even start. Tara was in our home for 3 hours and we figured out flooring, paint colours, fabrics and accessories.

Based on her advice, we knocked down walls and completely redesigned our living room/dinning room.

I would never of thought of doing any of this myself but it all feels exactly like how I would have done it!"

Jill Rowledge


"When we purchased our home it was quite a work-in-progress. We had renovate almost every square foot of it.

Tara helped us decided what to keep, what to knock down and then how to finish it all.

With the cost of the renovations I didn't think we could afford a professional designer. But once Tara told us it would only take a few hours of her advice I jumped at the opportunity - and I'm so glad that I did!"

Sarah Rice


"My wife and I had just come back from a three month trip to Italy and we wanted to integrate some of the beautiful colours and natural stone that we saw there.

Tara really help us take all of the ideas we had and narrow them down into a plan that we could actually implement!

And it was a lot cheaper than going back to Italy!"

Michael Blanchet


"My mother had just moved from the house that I grew up in to a tiny little apartment. She wasn't very happy about it - I wanted to do something to make it feel more like her home.

Tara spent the time to help her pick out her favourite colours and even showed me how to do some fancy painting techniques to make it look a little ritzier.

My Mom absolutely loves her apartment now - I can't thank Tara enough! All I can say is hire her!!"

Georgina Hudon


"I was looking to make my apartment look really modern and unique.

In a few short hours, Tara showed me some really cool painting techniques and colour combinations!

Everyone raves about my place when they come over. The best part is how easy it was!"

Krista Jung
Port Moody


"My husband and I were looking to do something really crazy to our basement. But we had no idea what...

When we hired Tara we had tried several different colours and themes but nothing worked - we had wasted so much time and money!

It was her idea to use this gorgeous purple colour to create an Indian oasis. Now it's a fabulous place to hang out and relax - I never want to leave!"

Irene Chan

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From: Tara Hatazawa
Certified Interior Designer and Expert Colour Consultant

Tara HatazawaHi There!

My name is Tara Hatazawa, and I'm a certified Interior Designer. I graduated from BCIT in 2002 and I've been running my own design business ever since. I've helped tons of people just like you achieve that look you've always wanted but just can't quite put together.

Everyone wants their home to look a certain way, but most find it difficult and frustrating to choose colours and accessories that fit the look they want.

That's why you need me!

Choosing colours for your home is not easy to do.

Their are thousands of colours to choose from and it can seem daunting to figure out which ones go together.

The colour scheme for your home should be a carefully selected group of colours that matches your style and fits your home. And it should definitely be chosen from inside your home!

Colour is a very relative medium. It can change drastically depending on where it's put and what's surrounding it. How will you know if a colour looks good while your standing in a paint store looking at a tiny little chip?

And making all those trips back and forth to the paint store can be tedious and time consuming!

That's why I come to you.

Hiring an Interior Designer doesn't have to be expensive!

Most people don't need full Interior Design services. When you hire a designer they usually handle the whole project for you - from choosing colours, to hiring and paying contractors. Chances are you just need a little help putting all of your ideas together.

What you really need is a consultant...

If you've got:

  • ideas of your own
  • a favourite colour you want to integrate
  • lots of great stuff with no idea where to put it all
  • walls can hire me to help you figure out the rest.

In a few short hours we can quickly figure out:

  • which colours you want to use
  • which accessories will go where
  • how to arrange your furniture
  • what kind of paint to buy

It's really that easy.

The best part is that we'll be having fun! Hiring a professional can really take all of the stress out of a home renovation project. You'll finally see your home looking the way you always dreamed it would - with very little of the effort you thought it would take.

Your ideas are important to me!

As an in-home consultant my goal is to help you choose a colour scheme for your home. I'll be using your ideas and your choices to create a scheme that fits you, your family and your home.

So you can take all of the credit!

I'm not just any old designer...

I've also got tons of hands-on experience with home renovation. When you hire me, expect to get practical advice on not only how to design your job but how to do it as well. I have personally:

  • Painted 10,000's of square feet
  • Hand-painted large scale murals
  • Installed tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring
  • Reupholstered furniture
  • Put up, and taken down wallpaper
  • Installed bathroom fixtures
  • Installed electrical fixtures
  • Taught specialty paint technique workshops

The list goes on and on.

If you want to do your renovation yourself, I can offer you advice in almost any area -- from the type of paint you should use, to the type of glue you need to install a vinyl floor. Or from sewing dust covers to the proper substrate thickness for installing tiles - I can help.

Contact me today to discuss your ideas and how we can turn your home into the one you've always wanted.


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The photos below are from a variety a different clients I have worked for over the years. They represent some great clients I've had the opportunity to work for but most importantly - they represent the broad scope of projects I've worked on, and my versatility.

Your project may not seem to fit any of these designs, but as you can see, I'm a designer that can work with your ideas - no matter how crazy, or conventional they might be. After all... it's your home!

contemporary living room design

These next four photos are actually taken from my house. I'm a colour fanatic and I'm never afraid to try something new.

The ceilings in my condo are 20 feet high and there's tons of natural light.

I used a bright orange to accent the high ceilings and architectural details.

I added dark brown furniture and soft lighting.

The result is a space that's bright and cheery during the day - a great room for conversations. And warm and cozy at night.

My husband and I love curling up on the couch to watch a movie in this room!

contemporary living room design

This picture is taken from within the living room looking down to the dining room, kitchen and hallway.

The rest of the condo has an analogous colour scheme - Orange, Yellow and Red.

Analogous schemes are always full of colour and tend to be difficult to work with but the result is always big and bold.

I love it when people come over and say they're amazed that I was courageous enough to put the orange on the walls.

Courage has nothing to do with it - paint is cheap, if I didn't like it I would have just redone it.

Of course - I love it so I didn't have to get back up on the ladder!

Here's the living room from the angle where you can see how great the orange wall looks with the rest of the furniture and accessories.

Notice how the rug really helps to pull it all together

A close up of the dining room.

Nice clean design, straight lines with bold colour accents.

This style will always make a statement with visitors.

contemporary living room design

This client hired me to design a new colour scheme for a condo she had just bought.

When I walked in it was like a circus - crazy colours everywhere - with no rhyme or reason.

She wanted it to be tranquil and soothing. She liked monochromatic colour schemes, dark wood and soft fabrics.

I think the condo turned out great - and she loved it.


rustic bathroom design

This is the bathroom in a house I worked on a couple of years ago.

The couple had just return from a three month trip to Italy and really wanted to bring some of the beautiful materials they'd seen in Tuscany into their home.

I did a little research on materials and colours and came back to them with a rich earthy palette, warm tumbled marbles and slates and dark, rich wood.

They loved it.

rustic bathroom design The same bathroom from a different angle.
When I first went into this kitchen the flooring was white vinyl, the counters were pink, the curtains were purple, and the backsplash was cheap white tile- it was awful.

I helped her pick out a new vinyl floor, we got her countertops changed, painted the walls a beautiful red and showed her how to make her backsplash the focal point.

By the way... those tiles on the backsplash - those aren't tiles at all. We painted them on!

Here's a close-up of those tiles.

After ripping off the old boring white tiles the wall behind was gouged and a total mess. We patched all of the big holes and smoothed out the worst gouges but then left it pretty rough to improve the life-like look of the tiles.

I chose colours that would accent her new counters and flooring, showed her how to create the "grout" lines and away she went.

formal living room design

This client had owned their house for over 20 years - when I walked in I could tell right away it needed a major update!

We choose a warm colour scheme using beiges and earthy reds and went with an "African theme" for the fabrics and accessories.

We also replaced the floor, the ceiling, knocked down walls and put some up.

Almost a total renovation.

I only wish I had some before pictures.

formal living room design The same living room from a different angle.
formal dining room design

This is the dining room in the same house as above.

Originally there were no walls to separate the living and dining rooms it was just one non-stop space. Putting up this curved arch added interest and created the formal dining room the client had always wanted.

I remember personally offering to repaint the ceiling if she didn't like it red. As you can see... she didn't need to take me up on the offer

Here's another great room that I worked on. We chose a lovely warm stone colour for the main floor and then created this fantastic Indian Burgandy accent wall.


The dining room from another angle.

And into the living room.

you can see that the accent wall stretched all the way from the dining room to the living room, really connecting the space together.

With all of those windows it was really easy to use such a dark colour.

This was the bathroom connected the dining room. I painted these harlequin diamonds on the walls and then covered everything in gold.

The result is very rich and luxurious.

This was the living room in my last house.

The walls are a bright fun green and the ceiling is dark blue. The coved ceiling adds the drama and makes it possible to even think about painting your ceiling dark blue.

The big white stone fire place and oak hardwood flooring tied it all together.

The lving room from another angle. It was was full of life and colour!
retro bathroom design

I had so much fun working on this house!

This client was adventurous and loved colour - my kind of girl.

I showed her how to integrate a variety of colours into her home without overwhelming it.

This is the bathroom - avocado green, cream, and black.

retro kitchen design

The Kitchen

Dark blue bottom cabinets, cream top cabinets and yellow/orange walls.

The backsplash combined the bathroom colour, the living room colour and the kitchen colours to really tie it all together.

retro bedroom design

The guest bedroom

All red and purple - it was gorgeous, the picture really doesn't do it justice.

This was a master bedroom that I did.

The walls were painted a warm Chinese blue and then I hand painted the bamboo mural on the wall.

A detail.
modern bedroom design

This is another master bedroom that I did recently.

The client wanted to make a bold statement and try out some new techniques.

We picked a modern brown and blue colour scheme and I taught her how to easy paint the squares on the walls.

painting techniques

I was hired to redesign this condo by the occupant's daughter.

Her father had recently passed away and she wanted to create a space for her Mom that was all her own.

We picked a scheme of soft pinks, pale blues, and cheery yellows. Both Mother and Daughter loved it.

I showed them how to create these shadow stripes as well.

A fall table setting.

As you can see, I'm a versatile designer that can really show you how to take your ideas and express them in your home.

Interior Design can be tricky - there's no reason to stress yourself out over it! Just hire me!

All of the above projects were complete by the home owners or professional painters - all based on schemes and ideas we came up with in a couple of hours.

If you're thinking of renovation your home, putting it on the market or just need a change - contact me today!

Tara Hatazawa


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